Published April 12, 2024 inProduct updates

We invited our first beta users

By Daniel Chung
Honey Blue Berry Waffle

Four months ago, we started building our visual organization app. After hundreds of Discord messages, Figma frames and Github contributions, we are happy to present Waffle, a new tool to keep your life organized in a single view. The homepage for all your digital life.

Before unveiling Waffle to the world, we aim to test its core functionalities and gather initial feedback from potential users, primarily consisting of friends, family, and colleagues. This step is crucial as it allows us to learn from our earliest customers while also ensuring that Waffle's servers are prepared to accommodate a large number of users.

Our closed beta will be invite-only and is estimated to last for two weeks. Once all significant changes have been implemented, we'll let our beta testers to invite their friends and begin inviting users from our waitlist.

Haven't registered yet? Join the list today :)

We can't wait to hear what you think about Waffle and see what you create (if you share it with us, of course).

Meet you soon,

Daniel and Jorge, founders of Waffle, the visual organization app